Turn every picture on a web page into kittens!

The following is the button which you must drag to your browser bookmarks bar. There are more instructions below if this is blowing your mind.

  1. Drag the button above onto your browser's toolbar
  2. Visit any web page with pictures
  3. Click the button in your shortcut bar

Recommended sites...

Once you have added the bookmarklet, I would strongly suggest you try it on...

Pinterest, Google Images, Twitter

This shit don't work on Facebook

Facebook has some lame security in place so the regular version of the button won't work. However if you really like to use Facebook use this version instead:

Kittenize Facebook!

How do I do this?

Again... you have to drag the blue button above to your browser toolbar... See the images below for more detail.

Why are you using Internet Explorer. You need to stop that immediately.




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